Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tripod For Macro Photography

macro photography tripod
To get a bright picture at macro photography its cannot avoid that we should use a tripod. a tripod help you to fit the camera on its floor so the camera free from "hand shake". tripod usually use if we take a picture by shutter speed "30" or less. tripod also use at camera with focal length more than 200 mm.

The second thing is you should make the object quiet. If your capture moving object, you will get "bluur" photos. you will get photo that not focus. furthermore if you have to capture object by minimum lighting, tripod is the one tools that should you use for.

Macro Photography From Your Pocket Camera 2

This is my own another macro photography that i pick up from my pocket camera digital samsung S630. The object that i captured is a data cable.
I use ISO 100, Diafragma F7.1 and apperture speed of 8 s. In this condition my be better if i increase the ISO maybe from 100 to 200/300 even 400. so in the higher ISO I can take picture with flash less.
Because I use the lower ISO, that cause I should work with slow speed. This will reduce the focus and maybe we need tripod to take that picture.