Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Macro Photography - Paper Money

Again I show you the results of Macro Photography techniques here. Here is Results Of Photography with a paper money as object, seen from the size of the macro is the size of the face does not reach more than 2 X 2 cm (approximately same as the face of George Washington in dollars). Including macro category not it? even for a professional camera is very easy to make, but this make from Photography with a pocket camera for the results here are very tolerable. Remember this is only produced by the camera samsung pocket S63o
Detailed pictures are very sharp, visible contour lines forming the image. techniques used are still using old techniques (Macro Photography-coin money, Macro Photography From Pocket Camera 1, Macro Photography From Pocket Camera 2,Macro Photography From Pocket Camera 3 ), without flash lamp. Mode in Sett to "Macro" and the distance to the object lens is sett about 20 cm (be careful! it's almost exceeded the minimum distance)