Friday, August 1, 2008

Macro Lenses For Macro Photogarphy

What the kind of lenses you should to use For Macro Photography ?. Fortunately, it is difficult to buy bad macro lens. This kind of strange in a world where 90% of the lenses sold poorly. Perhaps it was because no one in the market for macro lens is already quality and advanced to a certain extent - Aware. It is partly because it is easier to make contact one - more than the length of the zoom lens.

Better macro lenses are the latest models autofocus Mount church, made by Nikon, usually in contact lengths ranging from 50 to 200mm. It will focus each lens continuously from infinity to 1:1. You can fire on the Moon and the seizure of the bear claw without stopping to change lenses or screw in the filters. How can these lenses work? Are only spiral much longer than normal lens 50mm? Yes and no.

Yes macro lens spiral has a lot of travel more natural lens spiral. You can see the front moving one iota element or two. However, this is not just helicals pay a pile of glass back and forth like 50mm 's spiral. Inside one of the elements that move ( "floating" (so that changes in visual design more suitable one for close-up photography. So get sharp images focused on all distances.

How to choose Focal length? In the same way you're not with the macro lens. If you can not get very close to your subject in the game of football, you do not withdraw ordinary lens; you highlight a 300mm telephoto lens. If you can not get close to the insect without access to it is afraid and fly away, then you want to 200mm lens, not 50. If you want to compress Features in the face of a woman, you are using 105mm lens rather than short and wide angle lens. In the same college work; longer lenses you flatter the perspective.

The right is a picture of (from my point of view Christina pages), taken with the older design canon EF 50mm f/2.5 total, $ 250. Lens contain this element of a floating image of high quality, but only without going to 1:2 "life size converter" (sort of like a telextender) that you stick the camera lens. The 50 is also disturbing because it usm-old church car park. We therefore can not be done simultaneously in Arabic, French and MF such as ring usm lenses.

Verification of Sharia and Nikon pages of the current list of all macro lenses made by these companies for their bodies.

Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and making excellent one dimension Focal (Prime Minister) of macro lenses. If you use another system-the Shariah, or Nikon, and may be of better quality than your own lens manufacturer. If you use the church or Nikon, you may be able to save a few dollars, at the expense of, perhaps, from a little less mechanical and rugged construction. Among the three companies, Tamron historically produced better overall lenses.

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