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Professional Macro Photography

Photography, macro

There are several Macro Photography made only a 50 mm lens. This is the way that created a little macro photography murah.Tetapi some photography techniques is difficult to practice.

Macro Photography is Expensive.

Macro Photography is expensive because in addition to using the macro lens, should be also equipped with flash, and tripod or monopod. The serious, the equipment is more excited. There are cable release, flash bracket, flash sync cord, flash difusser or flash bouncer, and the focusing rail. Results for the most extreme magnification, the camera is connected to the microscope using a custom-made adapter.

Why so many have to use the equipment? The nature of the lenses and macro close-up filter is enlarge the image of the object or the actual size magnification. Magnification is the depth of field (what language is Indonesian? Space sharp image? Areas of focus?) Until the DOF sometimes be very thin. That is, the technical information on the photos macro our colleagues, the F-F8 is definitely up. They must have an opening small-diaphragm small to obtain wide-DOF selebar. Here flash (external, TTL) to be nearly the equipment essential to get the normal speed SHUTTER, especially when considering the object of most macro photography is a living organism such as insects that can not be suspected gerakannya. Flash is not required if the outdoor shooting was conducted at the time the sun is shining flashy.

Magnification the tripod / monopod and a cable release equipment that is on macro photography to counteract the vibration in the camera, although not absolute. 90% of macro photos of Mark Plonsky obtained with the handheld, with a lean on the arm or knee on the objects around an object such as trees, fences. Sometimes, if possible, he put kameranya on goods such as around

Flash bracket is used to obtain the angle of natural lighting. I absolutely do not. Mas Irwansyah Syukri only flash sync cord to connect the hot shoe flash with it, then ask his wife memegangi its flash, as in the photo ant. But if working alone, flash bracket is essential to avoid the shadow of the object lens on the image because the image of objects located very close to the lens and to avoid the two-dimensional effects caused by the use of flash from the frontal camera body both internal flash and external flash hot-shoe on.

Flash flash bouncer or difusser used to reduce or spread the power light flash. Lho, he said earlier less light, now I even reduced the strength of light / assigned? No flash bouncer (can be replaced with a sheet of white paper) or flash difusser (sorry, can be replaced with the word friends in YM-FN: condoms, even though it is clear beneran or capricious) light that falls on an object that is located very close to the lens, which means that the flash is also very close to the object, will be too strong and does not spread evenly, so the image becomes part of the OE.

Focusing rail is used to facilitate pemokusan with memaju-mundurkan camera body without the need to move the tripod-mindah already installed cleanly.

Which is cheaper?

This is a cool.

After I read 2 articles and some online discussion, in terms of equipment optiknya fact there are many variations to the macro photography:

Version 1

Simple and the most expensive is the use of macro lenses (> $ 100), so the camera body plus lens macro.

Version 2

Then there is the use of dioptre (= filter = macro close-up lens, U.S. $ 30-150), so the camera body plus lens (macro lens sometimes, sometimes normal or zoom lenses) plus pieces are glass. Dioptre be stacked up to several bank-keeping at the same time. Mark Plonsky never use force until the total +27. The more that is used, the greater its power of magnification. But more and more used, the better the picture quality decreases.

Version 3

Using the additional lens positioned upside down so that its function was changed to glass (total strength of around +25). How to install behind the faces of the lens coupling ring to be placed, and installed to the lens that is inserted in the body, while the lens into the tip of the buttocks outside the entrance light. Setelannya into the camera body plus lens or tele zoom (normal position), macro coupling ring (= macro coupler = face to face adapter, U.S. $ 8-15), fast lens (F/1.8 or faster again, a little note: the lens fixed 50 mm f/1.4 many tune) with the positions reversed. Sometimes, the step-down ring (U.S. $ 7-10) is also needed if the first lens and second lens diameternya different. Some photographers even fasten with glue two ring filters have been removed kacanya as the coupling ring.

Version 4

Using only one lens (the lens-lens light), but reversed its position. Connected to the camera body with the bayonet attachment reversing (example: Nikon bayonet mount adapter ring U.S. $ 22). Step-down ring is sometimes also necessary.

How is the the best and quite comfortable in the bag?

According Plonsky, this depends on taste alone. If we already have some lenses, you can try your own peep from the two lenses. Coupling does not need to buy his first ring, grasp it with both hands lens, or diselotip. Better, we take a stroll to shops, and mencobai lenses-lenses that are there, the search approximately magnification and the image quality is most at heart.

Who want to play soon to a store, be careful with the terms of accessories that I mentioned here. Plainly every store, website, photographer apparently have a different term for a small accessories. In writing this article I have to double check to and search for the title of the item which is well known general. So I use here are the terms used in the shops are. Shops in Indonesia or Singapore, may have names that vary for the same goods.

After I read the article and Mark Plonsky Guy Parsons, lift my hat for all pehobi macro photography. Also appeared difficult macro photography is. How difficult does not, almost everything is done manually! Create my mind all vary nyerah mode deh kalo nyetel must-nyetel all the while pursuing beetle.

The text above is some of the techniques Macro Photography level professionals, but perhaps I will discuss further in a future session. While I would like to play first game with my pocket camera. Macro Photography with the Pocket Camera? Why Not ..?

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